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BB-1 Worcester baluster mug painted with the Prunus Root patter c. 1756-59
Workman's mark Cond: Two chips professionally repaired  Price: 240    41437

BB-2 Worcester baluster mug printed with the Plantation pattern c.1759-70
No mark Cond: Two chips and crack 
with staples, verso.
Price: 60

BB-3. Liverpool Chaffers Bird on a Branch 1763-65  (SG. 266)
Mark: None Cond: Repaired chip
Price: 60

BB-14. Liverpool Chaffers Willow Rock and Hut (variation) 1758-63  (SG. 254)
Mark: None Cond: Repaired chip to saucer
Price: 100

BB5. Liverpool James Pennington Cannonball  1767-72  (SG. 233)
Mark: None Cond: Good
Price:  60