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Chelsea porcelain fine and rare gold anchor period saucer
c.1762 traces of gold anchor mark
Diameter: 5 1/16 in. /  12.8 cm
Condition: excellent, slight rubbing to gilt rim on top of photo.
Price: A
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Chelsea porcelain fine silver shaped dish painted in Meissen style with flowers within a brown line rim c.1755 red anchor mark, stilt marks
Length: 9 3/4 in. 25 cm 
Condition: Two minute filled flake chips to brown line rim all but invisible. Moons under transmitted light.
Price A
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Chelsea porcelain fine red anchor period Gotzkowsky type plate finely moulded with flowers painted in four panels and the centre with colourful Meissen style floral sprays c. 1752
(stilt marks only)
Diameter: 9 1/4 in    23.5 cm
Condition: two rim chips repaired
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Chelsea porcelain plate with moulded painted morning glory, a rose and sweet peas and two insects the border painted with four sprays of flowers c.1760, gold anchor mark and  stilt marks, 
Diameter: 8 3/8 in.   22.7 cm 
Condition: very slight burning to gilt edge
Price: A
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Chelsea porcelain twig handled leaf shaped dish, the center painted with flowers and puce veins surrounded by a green border c.1755
Width: 15.5 cm   6 1/8 in.

Chelsea porcelain octagonal plate well moulded and painted with scattered flowers sprays c. 1755 Three stilt marks
Diameter: 23.5 cm / 8 1/4 in.
Condition: tight hairline to rim 2 cm, nearby .5 cm chip, spiderweb crazing faint to front, more prominent on reverse
Price 140
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31196.jpg (249639 bytes)
Chelsea porcelain dish moulded as overlapping leaves painted with fruit and flowers and a single moth c.1760, gold anchor mark and  stilt marks, 
Length: 10 1/4 in. 26. cm 
Condition: some patchy wear to gilt line border, some smokiness in the glaze

Price: 400
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30779.jpg (205374 bytes)
porcelain plate painted a large flower group and scattered spays in Meissen style  c.1765, red anchor mark,  stilt marks, and "moons"
Diameter: 9 1/2 in.   23.5 cm 
Condition: Excellent, a couple of small patches of wear to rim
Price: 380
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