Fairs & Exhibitions


LV23.  Liverpool Chaffers coffee can painted the Trellis Fence pattern c. 1762-65
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 360    H. 2.26 ins.

LV22. Liverpool, Christian's factory lamprey handled ewer, the body shell moulded, and painted with floral sprays and sprigs, with an internal line, loop and dot border c.1765-70
No mark    Cond: Excellent, typical minor factory defects
39679  Price:  W. 3.25 ins.

LV 24. Liverpool Wm. Reid factory pickle leaf dish, moulded with flowers and painted with a single flower under a blue border c. 1756-59
No mark    Piece broken from right side of tip of leaf and re-bonded.
Price: 290  H. 4.4 ins.

LV25. Liverpool  Wm Reid teabowl painted with a hut, rocks and trees c.1756-59
Workman's mark   Cond: Good
Price: 480   D.  2.875 ins.

LV26. Liverpool  rare Chaffers coffee can painted with the Treffild pattern c.1758-60
No mark   Cond: Good
42019  Price: 550   H. 2.25 ins.

LV27.  Liverpool  rare Chaffers coffee can painted with the Willow, Rock and Hut pattern c.1760-62
No mark   Cond: Good
42018  Price: 380   H: 2.375 ins.

LV28. Liverpool Chaffers coffee can or small mug painted with a large cabbage rose and other flowers c. 1758-62
No Mark   Cond: Good
38404   Price: 330   H: 2.5 ins.

LV29.  Liverpool Chaffers coffee cup painted with a hut on an island, Long Bridge pattern c.1760-65
No mark   Cond: Good
41527   Price: 240   H.  2.25 ins.

LiLV30.  Liverpool Philip Christian's factory coffee cup painted with a bird on a branch sometimes referred to as LiverBird c. 1765-68
Provenance: Cubbin collection (18)
No mark   Cond: Good
Mark: none
30524 Price: 240   H. 2.5 ins