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     Price Bands:   A  400-700, B  700- 1000, C  1000- 2000, D over 2000  Prices below 400 will be shown. 
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Worcester porcelain fine coffee cup pencilled with the Boy on a Buffalo pattern c. 1755 workman's mark to base
Dr. J. Collingwood Stewart, 1937
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Height: 6.5 cm / 2.5 in.
Condition: excellent
Price: A
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Worcester porcelain good blue scale leaf dish painted with exotic birds in mirror shaped gilt panels, fretted square mark in blue c.1770
Height: : 19.3cm  /   7.5  inches

Condition:  Excellent
Price: C
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Worcester porcelain fine circular dish painted with an exotic bird in landscape under a gilt swag and blue border  c. 1775
Diameter: 9 in. / 22.7 cm
Condition: excellent, minor wear to high points on gilt border
Price: 390
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porcelain good teapot and cover gilded in the London workshop of James Giles c.1768
Height: : 14 cm  /   5.5  inches

Condition:  .3 x .5 cm chip to pot rim, wear to tip of spout.
Price: A
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Worcester porcelain good blue scale dish painted with exotic birds in mirror shaped gilt panels, fretted square mark in blue c.1770
Width:  25.7cm  /   10 1/8  inches

Condition:  Good, some slight stacking wear and scratches
Price: B
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Worcester porcelain bowl finely painted with moths, butterflies and leafy sprigs, the centre with a caterpillar c.1765 No Mark
Diameter:   15.4 cm   6 in 
 Condition: wear to interior

porcelain fine and rare  leaf shaped dish with twig handles and moulded leaves painted with flowers c.1765 
Width: 29.8 cm / 11 3/4 inches

porcelain sparrowbeak jug and rare cover painted with flowers on a blue scale ground c.1768
Height:  14.2 cm / 5 5/8  inches

Condition: Excellent, minute chips to finial
Price: B
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porcelain tea cup and saucer outside painted in the atelier of Dr. Davis with exotic birds under a wet blue and gilt ground  "W" and crescent mark in blue c.1785
Diameter (saucer): 116 cm  5 1/4 inches
Condition: Patches of misfiring to saucer blue ground and inner rim of teacup
Price: 345
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porcelain uncommon coffee can printed and painted with oriental figures c.1765
Height: 2 3/8 in.  6.2 cm
Condition: good, as made, inner border has painters finger marks

Worcester porcelain fine plate painted with a HoHo
in the Sir Joshua Reynolds pattern c.1770
A very similar plate was sold by Bonhams, Barbara Leake Col. 12th Mar. 2008 (click here)
Diameter: 21.3 cm    8.5 inches 
Condition: good light, scratching to bird
Price: A
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porcelain coffee cup painted with husk swags in neo-classical Chelsea Derby style, provence: Zorensky Col., bears label
Height: 2 3/8 in.  6 cm

porcelain rare saucerdish finely painted with the Lady at the Loom c.1768
Diameter: 18.4 cm / 7 1/4 inches
Condition: Excellent

porcelain rare high Chelsea ewer decorated with a solid turquoise ground in the workshop of James Giles c.1770
Diameter: 9 cm / 3 5/8 inches
Condition:  3mm flake chip, 2mm chip and associated 1.5 cm crack with staining
Price: 295
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Worcester porcelain fine Chinese export style teapot and cover painted with flowers under a pink diaper border c. 1775
Caughley also produced Chinese export style pattern of this type and a Caughley attribution cannot be ruled out.
Width: 20.2 cm / 8 in.
Condition: excellent, slight wear to gilding on spout

porcelain chocolate cup with entwined handle painted with the Floral Queens pattern in polychrome enamels and gilt, crossed swords "9" mark in underglaze blue c.1768
Height: 2 13/16 in.  7.2 cm


























































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