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WTS19.  Worcester saucer printed with Obelisk, & Temple of Mineva Medica with Borghese Vase c.1765
No mark   Cond: Excellent
37726   Price: 300  5.625 ins. D.

WTS20.  Worcester saucer printed with two versions of the  Ferry c.1765 
No mark  Cond:  Excellent
18270  Price
: Reserved jib  3 ins. D.

DBY34.  Derby plate painted in Japanese imari style with four lobed oval panels and a central circulat motif,also painted verso c. 1785
Fretted square mark & incised N  Cond: Excellent
Reserved jja 8.8 ins. D.

WT44. Worcester teapot stand printed with a man near tree looking at a ruined building c. 1770
No mark  Cond: Factory defect re-touched in centre
42416   Prie:
Reserved jtb  6 ins. D.

WTS17.  Worcester saucer printed with Tea Party no. 3 c.1758-60
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 210  4.8 ins. D.

WTS18.  Worcester saucer printed with Tea party no.2
signed RHAnchor rebus Worcesterc. 1760
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 260  5.7 ins. D.

DBY31.  Derby botanical plate painted with 'Dutch Honeysuckle' pattern 197 titled verso c.1785
Grey  crown, batons 'D'  197 mark   Cond: rim chip filled and re-gilded 
32365  Price: 200  9.2 ins. D.

DBY32.  Derby saucer-shaped dish painted with a scene 'In Westmorland' titled verso, enclosed with elaborate gilding c. 1815
Red crown, batons 'D' mark  Cond: very minor wear rim gilding, some staining verso only.
Price: 180  8.375 ins. D.

DBY33.  Derby cream or milk jug well moulded and painted with three floral sprays under a Smith's blue border c. 1778 
Blue crown 'D' mark  Cond: Some original kiln smoke
Price: 180  5.125 ins. W.

DBY28.  Derby fine pair of two handled chalices painted in a neo-classical motif, the foot with gilded decoration c.1800
No mark  Cond: one with wear to a small area of rim
Price:  400  5.5 ins. H. 

DBY29.  Derby vase each side painted with a birds in a gilt panel on a light blue ground c.1810-15
Red crown, cross batons 'D' mark   Cond: slight wear to rim
42214  Price:  240  6.5 ins. H.

DBY30. Derby chocolate cup, cover and stand decorated raindrop gilding on a pink salmon ground, pattern 119 c.1795
Puce mark 119  Cond: Excellent
41968 Price:
SOLD  jrl  5 ins. H.

DBY27.  Derby plate, the centre painted with a landscape by Jockey Hill inside a blue and gilt circular border, the cavetto with three gilt flowers, the border with gilt garlands and a jewelled blue and gilt band c.1790 
Puce mark    Cond: small chips to foot rim due kiln adhesion, minor wear to gilding and possible limited retouching
36937  Price: 
SOLD   jja 8.5 ins. D.

DBY26.  Chelsea Derby plate from the Duke of Northumberland service painted six sprays  roses, the light blue border with a  design in gold and raised white enamel, reserving three  tooled panels of  roses  c.1779
Gold anchor mark, incised N   Cond: some stacking wear, small rim chip repaired.
Price: 320 9.75 ins. D.
NB. This plate is from the original service. Almost all examples that have come to the market recently are from the 1791 replacements.

DBY25.  Derby lobed oval dish painted with roses a border of turquoise dots and six rose painted panels 
c. 18'05-10
Red mark crown batons 'D Cond: slight wear to rim
43579  Price 220  9.75 ins W.

DBY24.  Derby plate finely painted with fruit and berries by Thomas Steele c.1815
Red mark crown batons 'D'  Cond:  rim with some re-gilding possibly hiding small chips, minor stcing wear
Price: 220  8.75 ins. D.

DBY23.  Chelsea Derby plate painted with a central classical urn surrounded by a garland of flowers hanging from a gilded flower head c. 1775
Gilt anchor 'D' mark  Cond: Excellent
SOLD jra7.75 ins. D.

DBY22.  Derby plate painted with a basket of fruit by George Complin c. 1790
Puce mark  Cond: some wear to gilding on rim
Price: 180  8.5 ins. D.

WB30.  Worcester robin beak jug with barrel stave moulding printed with Early Flowering Plants c.1758-62
No mark  Cond: Excellent as made, glazed over firing crack in spout.
44199  Price: 280  2.75 ins. H.

WB29.  Worcester milk jug with Chrysanthemum moulding,  the top and bottom borders painted in underglaze blue c. 1760
Crescent mark   Cond: Excellent
41344  Price: 340  3,5 ins. H.
NB. This jug has amazing translucency when held up to a light.

DBY21. Derby plate painted in Sevres style, the centre with a bird in flight, surrounded by six bouquets of flowers painted in the manner of William Billingsley, the border with six panels of flower sprigs between bold geometric designs in blue and gold c. 1790-95
Puce mark  Cond: Some minor wear only
Price: 280   10.125 ins. D.

WB31.  Worcester creamboat painted with a rare version of the Bare Tree Pagoda having the addition of a fishman in a boat c. 1758
Workman's mark  Cond: very stabilised crack with slight staining externally
40391  Price:  270  4.125 ins. W.

WB32. Worcester coffee can with body and elaborate scroll handle painted with the Feather Mould Floral pattern c. 1756-57
Workman's mark   Cond: colour filled chip
44235  Price: 260   2.125 ins. H.

DBY15. Derby teapot and cover of rare shape and small size painted with a tulip and other flowers c. 1770
No mark  Two small filled chip to spout
43574  Price: 980   6.25 ins. W. 

DBY18. Derby toilet or pomade pot painted with flowers by the Cotton Stem painted c. 176o
Patch marks  Cond: small colour-filled chip to rim of cover, all but invisible and retouching to finial petals
36108  Price: 420  2.75 ins. H.

DBY19. Derby plate painted with a central rose and five further roses, the border with five roses in shaped panels on a dotted light blue border c. 1810
Red crown cross batons 'D'  Cond: a few dots to border missing, some wear to rim gilding
41193 Price: 240   9.75 ins. D.

DBY16. Chelsea Derby tureen and cover delicately painted with roses and red swags c. 1780
Crown 'D' in blue  Cond: Excellent
37530 Price: 390  7.  ins. W.

DBY20. Derby plate from the Rothchild service painted with a central flower spray by Wm. Billingsley under a blue border, pattern 100 c.1790
Puce  crown cross batons 'D' Cond: Excellent
SOLD yma 8.3 ins. D.

WT40. Worcester bell shaped mug of small size printed with the King of Prussia no. 2, military trophies and Fame signed RH Worcester with Anchor Rebus, dated 1757 
c. 1757-60
No mark  Cond: Excellent
39254  Price: 430   3.25 ins. H.

WP39. Worcester cos lettuce leaf sauceboat crisply moulded and well painted with formal flowers sprays c.1754-56
No mark  Cond: Excellent
30934  Price: 390   7.5 ins. W.

LWZ1. Lowestoft tea canister painted in blue under-glaze with a version of the Mansfield pattern c. 1775
Crescent mark   Chip to corner filled, associated crack stabilised  
Price: 325    4 ins. H.

LWZ2. Lowestoft low Chelsea ewer painted with flowers by the Tulip  Painter c. 1775
No mark  Cond: Excellent, some wear to turquoise border.
39313  Price: 390    4.25 ins. W.

LV25. Liverpool John Pennington factory rare ribbed creamboat  painted with a large flower spray c.1775
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price:   5.375 ins. W.

LH10. Longton Hall sauceboat in salt glaze style painted with flowers on basket weave moulding c.1753-55
No mark  Cond: Handle repaired or replaced
Price: 430  8 ins. W.

CH10.  Chelsea large charger with moulded border  painted in Meissen style with a large flower spray and floral sprigs c. 1754-56
Red anchor mark  Cond: small repaired rim chips
36248  Price: 420   11.125 ins. D.  

WP40. Worcester rare scarlet Japan pattern plate with gilt trellis in orange panels c. 1770
No mark  Cond: wear to gilt border, and one gilt panel.
Price: 300  7.825 ins. D.

LWZ3.  Lowestoft sparrow beak jug painted with a rose and trailing trailing vine uner a line and loop border 
c. 1775
No mark   Cond: Excellent
Price:  280  3.75 ins. H.

LWZ24.  Lowestoft tea canister printed with flowers in blue under-glaze c.1775
Crescent mark  Cond: factory glaze chip to upper rim
38501  Price: 290  3.8 ins. H.

WB29.  Worcester coffee can printed with the Man in Pavilion pattern c. 1759-62
Crescent mark  Cond: Excellent
41877 Price: 245   2.25 ins. H.

LWZ25.  Lowestoft feeding cup printed with a version of the Three Flowers pattern c.1775
No mark   Cond: Good
41367  Price: 540    6.5 ins. W.

LWZ26.  Lowestoft low Chelsea ewer painted with a dog rose and other flowers under a brown line rim c.1775
No mark  Cond: Excellent
36119  Price: 340   3.825 ins. W.

WT41.  Worcester rare petal edged teabowl printed with L' Amour and a statue of Neptune in a boat c.1758
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 200  2.75 ins. D.

LV25. Liverpool Chaffers' Factory petal edged coffee cup painted with a scarlet Japan pattern c. 1758
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 280  2.25 ins. H

WT42.  Worcester rare teabowl penciled with the Man with a Parasol c. 1755-59
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price:   2.825 ins. D.

LV26 Liverpool Chaffers'/Christian factory coffee can painted in famille rose style with a chrysanthemum and holed rock c. 1765
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 360  2.5 ins. H.

WT43.  Worcester saucer  printed with L' Amour and a statue of Neptune in a boat,  c.1758
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 140  4.625 ins. D.

VX10. Vauxhall saucer painted with saucer painted with two men by a fence c. 1757-60
No mark  Cond: .5 ins. stabilised crack
41490 Price: 260  4.5 ins. D. 

LWZ27.  Lowestoft coffee cup painted with a peony and other flowers c.1770
No mark  Cond: As made, some minor factory defects
Price: 220  2.25 ins. H.



DBY13.  Derby fine heart shape dish painted with lavish flowers by Moses Webster c. 1815
Red mark Crown cross batons  'D'  Cond: Excellent
Price:  260  10 ins. W.

DBY14.  Derby dolphin moulded ewer with shell moulding, the moulding highlighted in blue c.1768
No mark  Cond: excellent
35874  Price: 260  4 ins. W.

PB10.  Bristol cup painted with a floral bouquet c. 1773
X16 mark  Cond: firing crack to handle, extended
Price|: 110  2.375 ins H.