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WB1. Worcester herringbone moulded jug painted with an inner trailing border c. 1754-56
Workman's mark  Cond: .Excellent
22289  Price: £340.00   H.  3.25 ins

WB2. Worcester mug painted with the Gardener pattern c. 1765-70
Crescent mark  Cond: . Good, bubbling to glaze
343337  Price: £440  H.  4.75 ins. 

WB3. Worcester bell shaped mug painted with the Prunus Fence pattern c. 1755-57
Workman's mark  Cond: . Stabilised crack, almost invisible
42730  Price: £580  H.  3.25 ins. 

WB4. Worcester bowl painted with the Walk in the Garden pattern c. 1760
Crescent mark  Cond: .Excellent
SOLD   Dia.  4.75 ins. 

WB5. Worcester rare mug printed with the Passion Flower and Carnation pattern c.1760-65
Crescent mark  Cond: .Excellent
SOLD    H.  5.75 ins. 

WB6. Worcester herringbone moulded jug painted with the Feather Mould Floral pattern c. 1760
Crescent mark  Cond: .Excellent
39674  Price: £340   H.  3.5 ins

WB7. Worcester fine mug printed with the Thorny Rose pattern c.1765-70
Crescent mark  Cond: .Excellent
SOLD    H.  4.75 ins. 

. WB8. Worcester sparrow beak jug painted  with the Bird in a Ring pattern c. 1765-68
No  mark  Cond:  Good, factory glazed over chip
39499  Price: £295   H.  3.25 ins

Worcester sucrier and cover painted with the Narcissus pattern c. 1770-75 
'W' mark  Condi: good, factory firing cracks to stem of finial
Price:  £650  H: 4.25 ins.

Worcester fine strap fluted sauceboat painted with the Sinking Boat Fisherman to both sides
 c. 1757-59.
Workman's mark under handle  Cond: Excellent
Price: £380  W. 7  ins.

Worcester fine sauceboat painted with two versions of the Sinking Boat Fisherman pattern the reverse with a man on a bridge c. 1754-56
Workman's mark  Cond: Excellent
41290  £550  W. 6.25  ins.

Worcester patty pan painted with the Bare Tree and Speared Bird c.1758-59
Workman's mark    Cond:: Slight flake chip on reverse colour-filled
41655  Price: £380  Dia.:  4.75 ins.

Worcester teabowl and saucer printed with Early Flowering Plants unusually with a painted border 
c. 1758-60 
 No mark   Cond: Excellent
39181 Price:  £380   Dia: (saucer):  4.5 ins.

Worcester barrel shaped beak jug painted with Early Flowering Plants c.1760-65
Crescent mark    Cond:: good, factory firing flaw under spout 
Price:  £650  H:  2.5 ins..


Worcester mustard spoon, the moulding highlighted in blue, the bowl painted with a flowers and cell border c.1768-70
Prov:  Zorensky Collection
No mark   Condition: 
top of spoon with quality repair Price:  £280 Reserved
Price:  £280  Width:  4. ins.

Worcester barrel shaped beak jug painted with an early and rare variation of the Barrel Jug Scroll pattern c.1757-59 This early barrel jug with moulded scroll appears to be an unrecorded variation.
Workman's mark   Cond: good
Price:  £1250  H:  2.75 ins

Worcester rare sauceboat Moored Boat pattern

Worcester rare sauceboat of elegant shape painted with the Moored Boat pattern c.1755 
Workman's mark  Cond: Chip glazed at the factory, small flake chip to opposite side.
B35124  Price:  £780
  W:  7.25 ins.

Worcester rare rice bowl painted with the Prunus Root  pattern c.1755-57
Workman's mark   Cond: Minute colour-filled chip, otherwise good 
39726  Price: £600   Dia: 4.125 ins

Worcester geranium moulded butterboat painted with the Butterboat Mansfiled pattern c. 1758-62
No mark  Condition: Excellent
40083  Price: £220  W: 3.375 ins

Worcester coffee cup painted with the Prunus Root  pattern c.1756-59
Workman's mark   Cond: Good
291700Price: £200   H: 2.25 ins.
Enquire about Worcester prunus cup WB29170

Worcester mug painted with Fruit Sprays and inscription for Mr. Rich’d Causon c. 1775-85 
Crescent mark   Condition: Long professionally repaired crack 
Price:  £450  H: 4.75 ins.

Worcester barrel shaped beak jug painted with he Barrel Jug Scroll c.1765
Crescent mark  Condition: Firing crack to handle slightly extended up to rim, stabilised
Price:  £380  H:  2.625 ins.

Worcester fluted beak jug unusually with its cover painted with the Gilliflowerpattern c. 1770-80 
Crescent  mark  Cond: small factory glazed over chip to spout 
Price:  £580  H: 4.25 ins.

Worcester Dutch jug of cabbage leaf moulded form painted with the Cabbage Leaf Floral pattern c.1756-57
Crossed swords mark in blue  Condition: small colour-filled rim chip
Price: £340   H: 8  ins

Worcester fine pair of cornucopia painted with the Cornucopia Prunus pattern  c. 1756
Workman's mark   Condition: Excellent
Price: £1200    H:  8.65 ins.

Worcester pot cut down due to factory damage and then glazed, c. 1770-75   Prov: Zorensky Part 3, lot 377 where it is speculated to be a honey pot.
Crescent  mark Cond: foot chips, factory glazed faults
Price:  £350   H: 3.75 ins.