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WP1. Worcester coffee cup and saucer painted with the pink Viscount  Stormont service c. 1780-85
No mark  Cond: Some minor wear
Price: 350

WP2.Worcester teapot and cover  painted with oriental flowers in mirror shaped panels on a blue scale ground c. 1765-70
Fretted Square mark  Cond: Excellent
Width 8.5 ins. 

WP3.* Worcester teapot and cover  painted with fancy birds in mirror shaped panels on a blue scale ground c. 1768-75
Fretted Square mark  Cond: Excellent
Width 7.25 ins jrlb 

WP4.* Worcester  teacup and saucer painted a central landscape, flowers and insects in the Dalhousie pattern c. 1770-75
Crescent  mark  Cond: Excellent
Dia. (saucer)  5.75 ins. Price: 350  41314

Worcester coffee cup and saucer painted with the Pu Tai pattern c. 1760-65
No  mark  Cond: Excellent
Dia. (saucer)  4.75 ins.  Price: jai

Worcester  teabowl and saucer painted a painted with the Queen Charlotte pattern
Fretted square mark  Cond: Excellent
Dia. (saucer)  5.75 ins.  Price: 260

WP7. Worcester  pierced work basket painted with fancy birds  on a blue scale ground c. 1768-75
 mark  Cond: Good, one original handle re-attached)
Width 8 ins,  Price: 800

Worcester  spoon tray painted with fancy birds in mirror shaped panels on a blue scale ground c. 1768-75
 Crescent mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 900

Worcester fine plate with four floral bouquets under a blue and gilt border c. 1770-80
Crescent mark mark  Cond: Excellent,some usual gilding loss in firing
Dia. 5.625 ins.  Price: 380
Prov: Sir Jeremy Lever with label 

WP10. Worcester scalloped plate painted in the Old Mosaic pattern after a Japanese Arita pattern c, 1770-75
Cond: Excellent
Dia. 8.25 ins.   Price:  500  34227

Worcester teapot and cover painted with two birds in landscape probably by Dr. Davis c. 1775-85 
Crescent mark mark  Cond: Excellent
piab Width 8  ins. SOLD 

Worcester plate painted in Japanese style with the Brocade pattern, formal diaper panels reserved with mons contrasting with swirling dragon motifs c.1770-75
mark  Cond: Excellent
Dia. 8.5 ins.  Price: 600 

WP13.  Worcester Low Chelsea Ewer painted with flowers c. 1775
No mark   Cond: Excellent
Width: 4.5 ins   Price: 380  42652

WP14.  Worcester rare tea canister and cover painted with a Phoenix, holed rock and chrysanthemums c.1768-72
Fretted square mark  Cond: Excellent
Height 7.5 ins. 

WP15.  Worcester bowl painted in Japanese style with flowering prunus c. 1768
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Dia. 5 ins.  Price: 340

WP16. Worcester sparrow beak jug painted with oriental figures in various pursuits and a gilded panel by the handle probably from Giles workshop c.1768-72
No mark  Cond: Excellent

WP17. Worcester sparrow beak jug painted with oriental style flowers on a wet blue ground c. 1770-75
No mark   Cond: Excellent
Price:  420  

WP18. Worcester baluster vase and cover, painted to front and verso with large bouquets of colourful flowers, reserved on a `wet blue' ground within gilt rococo borders and scattered gilt sprigs, the cover with a pointed finial and two panels and two similar panels c. 1768-72
Crescent  mark    Cond:  Foot with factory gilded chip, wear to foot rim and rim of cover, filled chip to cover.
Height 9.2 ins.  380   40522

WP19. * Worcester hexagonal creamboat  painted with flowers c.1760-65
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Width: 4.125 ins.   Price: 620    

WP20.  Worcester spoon tray painted with fruits under a saw tooth gilded boarder c.1775
Although the saw tooth gilding is almost a trade mark of James Giles, the palette and style is not typical of Giles and the spoon tray may have been gilded by an an ex-Giles gilder in the employ of another decorator.
Mark: no mark  Cond:  wear to gilding on rim
Width: 6.25  ins.  Price: 460 20423

WP21. Worcester teacup and saucer painted with a Scarlet Japan pattern c. 1765-72
Crossed swords '9' in blue  Cond: Excellent
Dia:  (saucer): 5.125 ins          .Price: 260 Reserved

WP22.Worcester saucer painted with three continental landscapes in puce in fan panels on a powder blue ground  possibly Giles sell his wares to the Dutch Market c.1772
No mark   Cond: faint star crack in centre
Dia: 5.25  ins.    Price: 240   37150

WP23.  Worcester Low Chelsea Ewer  painted with the Harvest Bug or Astley pattern c.1768-72
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Width: 4.375 ins.   Price: 450   42646

WP24.Worcester dolphin moulded lamprey handled ewer painted with flowers c.1768-75
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Width: 3.625 ins.  Price: 350  42647
Enquire about  Worcester  wpn05 dolphin ewer

WP25.  Worcester basket painted with rose, rose bud and floral spray, the rose and rose bud being a Jacobite  symbol c.1758-62
No mark   Cond: one rung of the basket  has a repaired chip or crack
Dia: 8 ins    Price: 320   33921
Enquire about  Worcester rose basket WP33921

WP26.* Worcester sparrow beak jug  painted in Chinese style with Honeysuckle and floral sprigs, a gilt dagger border inside the rim c. 1765
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Height  3.5 ins.  Price: kit
SOLD   42725

WP27.  Worcester sauceboat moulded with two rococo scroll panels painted with a Strutting Bird amongst 
flowering branches, the interior with flower sprays c.1753-54
Mark: I   B  in red   Condition: three repaired rim chips
Width: 8 ins.  Price:  640  34987
Enquire about  Worcester sauceboat WP34987

WP28.Worcester oval dish painted with fancy birds in landscape with blue and gilt border and gold pendants 
c. 1775-85
Mark: script W    Cond:  Excellent
Width: 10.5 ins     Price: 370    40920

WP29. Worcester ovoid vase  richly decorated with a panel of two phoenix perched on  chrysanthemum stems and holey rockwork and two further panels of chrysanthemum and leafy bamboo c.1768-72
Fretted square  Cond:  Excellent
Height: 5.75 ins  Price:   680  35885


WP30.Worcester saucer shaped dish painted with a Hop Mark: none  Condition: Good, minor wear to central gilding.
Dia: 8.125 ins.  Price: 350   34228

WP31.  Worcester sparrowbeak jug and cover painted with the rarer version of the  Old Mosaic  c.1765-75
 Blue crescent mark   Condition: Excellent
Height: 5.5 ins.  Price: 720   41710

WP32.  Worcester finely decorated sucrier and cover painted with flowers including a central yellow rose with black highlights c. 1758-62
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Height  4 ins.    n r m 
SOLD  42733

WP33.  Worcester tea pot and cover painted in Chinese export style with scattered floral sprays c.1768-75 
No mark    Condition: Excellent
Width: 7.5 ins.   Price: 345   35881
Enquire about  Worcester teapot WP35881














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