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BB10CC  Worcester facetted coffee cup painted with the Jabberwoky pattern c.1768-72
Fretted square  Cond:  crack from above the handle curling to an 'L' shape invisible on display
SOLD  2.25 ins. H.

BB11CC  Worcester coffee cup printed & painted with the Red Bull pattern c.1756-60
No mark  Cond:  haircrack from rim to foot, 
SOLD 2.25 ins. H.

BB12CC  Worcester coffee cup with scalloped rim  painted with a rare version of the Two Quail pattern in sepia c.1756-59
No mark  Cond:  haircrack from rim  curling verso, some light associated staining
SOLD  2.5 ins. H.

BB1CC  Worcester coffee cup printed with La Amour and garden Statuary
c. 1765-75
No mark  Cond: stained .5 ins. firing crack
Price: 30  2.5 ins. H.

BB2CC  Worcester early coffee cup painted with Rogers style flowers c.1758
No mark  Cond: large piece re-attached verso
Price: 50  2.375 ins. H.

BB3CC  Worcester coffee cup with rare handle printed with Maid and Page & Tea Party no. 2 c. 1760-65
No mark  Cond: Almost invisibly cracked through Tea Party
Price: 40  2.375 ins. H.

BB7CC  Worcester rare coffee cup painted  with an oriental family, a dog, two tables & another figure c.1760-65
No mark  Cond: 'L' shaped crack almost invisible 
  2.25 ins. H.

BB8CC  Worcester facetted coffee cup painted with famille rose style flowers c.1768-72
No mark  Cond: chip, perhaps factory
Price: 50  2.375 ins. H.

BB9CC  Worcester coffee cup painted in the workshop of James Giles with insects & flowers c.1768-72
No mark  Cond:  1 inch tight haircrack
Price: 60  2.5 ins. H.

BB13CC  Worcester coffee cup painted with two oriental figures, a fence, a tree and another figure c. 1769-72
No mark  Cond: Rim chip verso
  2.525 ins H.

BB6CC  Worcester early coffee cup painted with three oriental figures and a bird in a cage c.1755-57
No mark  Cond: fine haircrack from rim  to foot, a .375 ins. firing crack with some light associated staining & a filled chip
Price: 100  2.5 ins. H.

BB15CC  Worcester rare coffee cup decorated in pink, brown and gold flowering branches. the inner rim having a gilded line, loop and dot border c.1765-68
No mark  Cond: Inner rim chip near handle
Price: 70   2.5 ins. H.

BBA1.  Worcester rice spoon unusually painted with the Gillyflower pattern c. 1775
Condition:  Repair to end of handle
Width: 5.375  ins.
Mark: Crescent mark
Price: 160.00

BBA2.  Worcester Two peony Rock Bird pattern leaf dish of unusual shape c. 1758
Provenance: Gilbert Bradley Col., green GB verso
Condition: Stained crack
Height:   4.875 ins.
Mark: Workman's mark
Price: 68

BBA3.  Worcester chrysanthemum moulded jug with with two borders c. 1770-75 
Condition: handle re-attached with a associated almost invisible crack to body.
Height: 3.75 ins.
Mark: Crescent
Price: 120.00

BBA4.  Lowestoft leaf shaped dish painted with grape vine and berry border c. 1770-80
Condition: fine .75 inch crack, chip to reverse and and staining, mostly to reverse
Height:  4.375   ins.
Mark: No mark
Price: 110

BBA5. Worcester tureen stand painted and printed with the Pine Cone pattern c. 1768-75
Condition: Minor chipping to applied flowers
Width: 9.75 ins.
Mark: Crescent mark
Price: 120.00

BBA6.  Caughley Low Chelsea Ewer printed with Birds in Branches pattern c.1780-90
Condition: Horizontal crack across between handle
Width  4.125  ins.
Mark:  No mark
Price: 80.00

BBA7. Caughley jug printed with the Pagoda pattern  c. 1782-92
Height: 3.75 ins.
Condition: some wear to gilding
Mark: none
Price: 60

BBA8.  Worcester lovely mug well painted with flower festoons hanging from leafy gilt shields c.1775 
Condition: wear to gilding on base and top rim, no chips, cracks or repair
Mark: no mark
Best Price: 200

BBA9.  Worcester Flight Barr and Barr plate painted with a central landscape scene of  a man drinking under a tree confronted by another man 
with pink border and gadroon edge c. 1820
Diameter:  8.75  ins.
Condition: two small chips to rim on reverse not visble from the front, very minor wear
Mark: Printed circular mark with lion and unicorn 
Price: 80

BBA10.  Worcester fluted saucer printed with a classical ruins in black c. 1770-75
Condition: wear to gilded rim
Diameter: 5.5 ins.
Mark: none 
Price: 80