Fairs & Exhibitions


BW17.  Bow chrysanthemum moulded coffee cup with thumb rest handle c. 1758-60
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 230

BW18.  Bow underglaze blue coffee cup painted with a Chinese landscape c. 1754-56
No mark  Cond: Foot chip
Price: 120

BW14. Bow coffee cup in the white with applied prunus sprigs c. 1752-55
No mark  Cond: .25 ins. tight clean hairline
Price:  165 2.7 ins H.

BW15.  Bow coffee can decorated in famille rose 
style unusually with a border c. 1752-55
No mark  Cond:  .15 ins. hairline, tiny chip foot rim
Price: 255  2.25 ins. H.

BW16. Bow sparrow beak jug  painted with a large bouquet of flowers under aline, loop and dot border c. 1762-65
No mark  Cond: good as made, tiny stains to top rim
Price:  265   3.125 ins. H.

BW1. Bow coffee cup painted in famille rose style 
c. 1754-56
No mark   Cond:
Price: 280   H. 2.5 ins.

BW2. Bow coffee cup painted in underglaze blue with a chinoiserie landscape c.1758-60
No mark  Cond: good
Price: 220  H. 2.25 ins.
Prov: Suitherland Col., Tryhorn Col.

BW3. Bow flat bottom sauceboat with un-glaze base painted with a chinoiserie landscape c.1754-56 
No mark  Cond:  tiny colour-filled chips to rim
41285  Price: 450  W. 6 ins.

BW4. Bow fluted creamboat painted with flowers under an internal puce border c. 1760-65 
No mark  Cond: good, some wear to flowers in well, slight staining to reverse upper rim
38316  Price: 260  W. 4.125 ins.

BW5. Bow coffee cup of bucket shape painted in famille rose style c. 1754-56
No mark  Cond: good, slight staining to upper rim
41783  Price: 240  H. 2.125 ins.

BW6. Bow coffee cup painted with flowers under a dot, line and loop border c.1758-65
No mark  Cond: good
40766  Price: 180  H. 2.375 ins.

BW7. Bow uncommon basket weave moulded dish painted in underglaze blue with a rose, othr flowers an two moths c. 1762-65
No mark  Cond: Excellent, small factory defects only
38697  Price: 280  W. 7.75 ins. 

BW8. Bow coffee cup with unusual 'kick' handle terminal painted in underglaze blue with a fence, a chrysanthemum and a holed rock c.1760-65
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price 260  H. 2.625

BW9. Bow moulded sauceboat painted with a large rose, other flowers and insects c.1760-65
No mark  Cond: Some good repair to small chips, factory kiln touch
Price: 160  W. 8 ins.
Bow early underglaze blue sauceboat painted with a pagoda beneath tall trees, the interior with a tied scroll motif, raised on three paw feet c.1748-52
Painters 19 mark  Cond: Foot chips colour-filled   
45563a  Price: 550  7.25 ins. W.

Bow two-handled sauceboat,  painted with chrysanthemum and bamboo within a panelled trellis border  c.1754
NM  Cond:  Both handles with firing crack to base of handle, glazed chip, factory defects
45563b  Price: 490  7.5. ins. H.

Bow sparrow beak jug painted with a crane perched on a rock by a fence, beside a banana plant and other shrubs below a blue border c. 1750-52 
Indistinct blue mark   Cond: Firing crack to handle 
Price: 620  2.75 ins. H. 

Bow rare moulded plate, the border painted with trailing flowers, the centre painted with fruit c. 1762-65
NM  Cond:  Scratches and factory defects
33797  Price:  380  7.25 ind. D.

Derby coffee cup of square section with indented corners and tau handle, painted with painted with flowers in all four panels under a brown line rim c. 1758-60 
NM   Cond: Good
Price: 435
Reserved  2.25 ins. H.


Bow rare early sauceboat with three lion mask paw feet, painted in the famille rose palette with trailing chrysanthemum and flowering peony
   c. 1752-55
NM   Cond: firing and glaze cracks   
44727  Price: 680  7.5 ins. W. 

BW1J  Bow sparrow beak jug painted with colourful flowers under a line and loop border c, 1762-65
No mark  Cond: Good
45475A  Price: 245   2.875 ins. H.