Fairs & Exhibitions


DBQ6 Derby sucrier and cover with ring handle decorated with complex leafy gilding pattern 561 c. 1790-98
Height:  6.25 ins.  
Condition: very slight wear, slight lean to the right in manufacture
Mark: Crown batons 'D' 561
35852 Price: 135.00

DB8J  Chelsea Derby claret bordered plate with raised tooled gilding painted with festoons of green roses and a central coloured bouquet  c. 1775
No mark   Cond: Good, some light wear to gilding
Price:  180  8.5 ins. D.

DBW2. Derby plate painted with  a floral bouquet and four flower sprigs c. 1810
Diameter: 9.75 ins.
Condition:  very little wear or crazing
Mark: crown batons 'D' in red
40551  Price: 130

JDBA37. Derby teacup and saucer painted with puce leafy scrolls and similar gilding c. 1815-20
Red crown crossed batons 'D'  Cond: good, typical fine crazing, very slight wear, slight stain to handle.
44427  Price: 140  5.5 ins. D.  (saucer)

DBA36. Derby rare cup and saucer painted with  "Love Hearts" pattern 753 c. 1810
Crown cross batons 'D' mark in red.     Cond:  Some wear to saucer centre, slight wear to cup rim.
Price:  240.  5 3.75 ins. D.


DBY10.  Chelsea Derby sucrier and cover  painted in
with festoons of flowers c. 1783-1790
Blue mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 320  H. 4.75 ins.


DBA8. Derby dish with light green border painted with a scene of Near Manchester, pattern 343, by Geo. Robertson c.1788-95
Blue crown batons mark   Cond: kiln 
specks verso, some gilding wear,and re-gilding
44246  280  11.125 ins. D.

DBQ5 Derby plate painted with birds by Richard Dodson under a fine classically gilt border  c. 1815-20
Prov: Dr. David Wilders collection with label.
Diameter: 8.75 ins.  
Condition: some typical patches of wear to gilded rim, fine crazing that doesn't detract.
Mark: Crown batons 'D' in red
32890 Price: 290


DBY32.  Derby saucer-shaped dish painted with a scene 'In Westmorland' titled verso, enclosed with elaborate gilding c. 1815
Red crown, batons 'D' mark  Cond: very minor wear rim gilding, some staining verso only.
Price: 180  8.375 ins. D.

DBY41.  Derby plate painted with a Dutch style scene with Sevres style border, having blue shell shaped floral painted panels by Wm. Cotton c.1815
Red crown, batons 'D' mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 260    9.5 ins. D.

DBY14.  Derby dolphin moulded ewer with shell moulding, the moulding highlighted in blue c.1768
No mark  Cond: excellent
Reserved Price: 260  4 ins. W.

JJDB10J  Derby armorial plate painted
with the arms of Charles John Kemeys-Tynte, of Cefn Mably in Co. Glamorganshire, Wales, and of Halsewell, Somerset, and Elizabeth Swinnerton, daughter an co-heir of Thomas Swinnerton of Butterton Hall, Staffs.
Cross Batons 'D' in red  Cond: stabilised hairline, crazing.
45414  Price: 200  9.875 ins. D.

DBY35. Derby mug painted with flowers in and out on a moulded barrel shape c. 1758-62
No mark   Cond: Handle reattached, firing cracks factory painted over
38973  Price:  130 3.75 ins. H.

DBZ1. Chelsea-Derby coffee cup & saucer painted with  a floral chain hanging from gilt loops   c. 1778-84
No mark  Cond: Excellent
db41846-2  Price: 160 

DBY13.  Derby fine heart shape dish painted with lavish flowers by Moses Webster c. 1815
Red mark Crown cross batons  'D'  Cond: Excellent
Price:  260  10 ins. W.

DBZ6. Chelsea-Derby period rare coffee cup & saucer painted with  floral sprays & sprigs  c. 1770-78 
Godden Reference Collection
No mark  Cond: wear to gilding
db41844-3 Price: 120  

Chelea Derby bowl, cover and stand 
painted in Sevres style with chains of flowers hanging from and blue and gilt 
line c. 1775-80
Diameter: 7 ins.
Condition: Good, some wear  to gilding
on a 2 ins. area on rim of stand
Mark: Blue crown D
41839  Price: 440


DBY31.  Derby botanical plate painted with 'Dutch Honeysuckle' pattern 197 titled verso c.1785
Grey  crown, batons 'D'  197 mark   Cond: rim chip filled and re-gilded 
32365  Price: 200  9.2 ins. D.

DBY22.  Derby plate painted with a basket of fruit by George Complin c. 1790
Puce mark  Cond: some wear to gilding on rim
Price: 180  8.5 ins. D.

DBN13 Chelsea Derby bowl, cover and stand painted in Sevres style with chains 
of flowers hanging from and blue and gilt line    c. 1775-80    Diameter: 7 ins.
Condition: Good, some wear  to gilding 
on a 2 ins. area on rim of stand
Mark: Blue crown D
Price: 440


DBA13. Chelsea-Derby saucer shaped dish painted with a chain of green leaves suspended from puce puce bows under a blue and gilt border  c. 1772-75 
Gold anchor mark  Cond: Excellent
44166a  Price: 155  8 ins. D.