Fairs & Exhibitions


CY13. Caughley uncommon robin beak jug in Chinese export style  c.1780-90
No mark  Cond: Good
40845  Price: 520 3 ins.H.

CYB3. Caughley teapot stand painted with La Amitie c.1785-90
No mark Cond: some wear to gilding
Price: 110  6.5 ins. W.

CYB1. Caughley chocolate cup and saucer painted with chains hanging from the gilt border c. 1785-90
No mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: 320   (saucer) 6 ins, D. 

CY1. Caughley rare punch bowl painted with a version of the Worcester Rock Strata Island pattern c. 1775-80
'S' mark   Cond:  Excellent
Price:  360    9.5 ins. D.
The unusually large size of this bowl has allowed the artist to paint in more detail than is normally available.

CY2. Caughley butter tub, cover and stand printed with a version of the Worcester Rose-Centred Spray and other floral patterns c. 1775-80
Printed 'C'  mark with serif to tub and stand
   Cond:  Excellent
Price: 580  7.5 ins. W. (stand).

CY3. Caughley rare spittoon or saffer pot painted with  Stalked Fruit pattern c. 1775-78
'S' mark   Cond:  Excellent
Price: 870  4 ins. D.

*CY4.  Caughley robin beak jug printed with a version of the Three Flowers pattern c. 1780-90
'S' mark  Cond: Excellent
Price:  370  2.75 ins. H.
CY6.  Caughley rare High Chelsea Ewer painted with polychrome flowers and an inner border  c.1780
 No mark Cond: good, firing faults to base of foot
Price: 440  3.25 ins. H.

CY7.  Caughley rare  two handled chocolate cup painted with Chantilly Sprigs c. 1784-90
No mark  Cond:  .25 ins. flake chip to one side
3 ins. H.  Price: 145

CY8.  Caughley soup plate painted with Bright Sprig pattern within a moulded cavetto and similar sprigs around the border c. 1782-92
Crescent mak    Cond: Excellent
9 ins. Dia.
  Price: 220

CY10.  Caughley teabowl and saucer  painted with Back to Back Roses  c. 1780-90
No mark  Cond: Good, wear to gilt rims
4.8 ins. Dia. (saucer)  Price: 190

CY11. Caughley unusual graduated set of the pickle leaf dishes printed with the Fisherman patteren.1779-90
Height:  3.5, 3, 1.75  ins
Marks: none   Condition: Good, 
Price: 410

CY12. Caughley early saucer painted with the Bridge and Windmill pattern c. 1783-85
Mark: No mark    Condition: excellent, as made
33270   Price: 320  4.5 ins. D.