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WBA3.  Worcester teabowl and saucer of fluted shape painted with the Gilliflower pattern c. 1770-75
Both Crescent mark  Cond: Good
Price: £155  5 ins. D.

WBA4. Worcester fine leaf shaped dish, crisply moulded and painted with the Gilliflower pattern c.1770-75
Crescent mark  Cond: Good
Price: £480    7.75 ins. H.

WBA5. Worcester rare tart pan painted with the Gilliflower pattern c. 1770-75
Crescent mark  4.75 ins. D.
26728  Price: £375  4.25 ins. D.

WBA2. Worcester coffee cup printed with the Mother Child and Man Fishing pattern c. 1770
Crescent mark  Cond: Good
36476  Price: £100  2.5 ins H.

WB24. Worcester Dutch jug of cabbage leaf moulded form painted with the Cabbage Leaf Floral pattern c.1756-57
Crossed swords mark in blue  Condition: small colour-filled rim chip
Price: £340   H: 8  ins

WB22. Worcester barrel shaped beak jug painted with he Barrel Jug Scroll c.1765
Crescent mark  Condition: Firing crack to handle slightly extended up to rim, stabilised
Price:  £380  H:  2.625 ins.

WB JC2. Worcester rare silver shaped jug with rococo scroll handle painted with the Prunus Root pattern c. 1754-56
Condition: Two chips repaired
Best Price: £950   9.5 cm H.

WB41.  Worcester rare creamboat painted with the Sinking Boat Fisherman c. 1758-60
Workman's mark to inside base  Cond:  Two chips professionally repaired
Price:  £ 740  4.5 ins. W.

WB26. Worcester pot cut down due to factory damage and then glazed, c. 1770-75   Prov: Zorensky Part 3, lot 377 where it is speculated to be a honey pot.
Crescent  mark Cond: foot chips, factory glazed faults
Price:  £350   H: 3.75 ins.

*WB44. Worcester Fringe Tree sauceboat painted with an oriental man fishing from an island with a hut on it 
c. 1755-1758
Workman's mark  Cond: Good, tiny stain on rim near handle
Price:  £525  5.625 ins. W.
NB. Branyon French and Sandon record the smallest Fringe Tree sauceboat as 7.125 ins. W.

*WB45. Worcester rare plate painted with the Fan Panelled Landscape c.1770-75
Feathered Script mark in blue  Cond:  Excellent
25338  Price: £550  6.25 ins. D.

*WB42.  Worcester rare egg cup painted with Egg Cup  Floral Spray c.1758-60
Workman's mark  Cond: Crack stabilised and hand re-touched, almost invisible.
39817  Price: £675 3.625 ins. H.

WB61.Worcester bell shaped mug painted in grey blue with a holed rock and fence in the Prunus Fence pattern c. 1755
Workman's mark  Cond: 2 ins very fine hair crack stablised and almost invisible
42730  Price: £510  3.375 ins H.

WB33. Worcester very rare bowl painted with the Heron on a Floral spray c. 1758
Workman's mark  Cond: crack invisibly repaired except under transmitted light
44228 £730 4.75 ins. D.

WB31. Worcester plate painted with the K'ang Hsi Lotus pattern  c.1770-75
Chinese kite mark  Cond: Excellent
44147   Price: £280   8ins. D.

WB37.  Worcester robin beak jug with barrel stave moulding printed with Early Flowering Plants c.1758-62
No mark  Cond: Excellent as made, glazed over firing crack in spout.
44199  Price: £280  2.75 ins. H.

WB62.Worcester feather moulded ewer shaped jug paited with an underglaze blue spray of flower on each side, the interior with a trailing vine border c. 1760
Large crescent mark  Cond: Excellent
39674  Price: £360 3.375 ins. H.

WB63.Worcester shell shaped dish painted 
 with a bird perched on a rock in the 
Two Peony Rock Bird pattern c. 1758
Workman's mark  Cond: Excellent
44231  Price: £435  4.25 ins.  H.

WB31.  Worcester bowl painted in blue under-glaze with the Zig-Zag fence pattern c. 1754-56
Workman;s mark  Cond: Excellent
36644  Price: £390   5 ins. D.

WB36.  Worcester milk jug with Chrysanthemum moulding,  the top and bottom borders painted in underglaze blue c. 1760
Crescent mark   Cond: Excellent
41344  Price: £340  3,5 ins. H.
NB. This jug has amazing translucency when held up to a light.

WB34.  Worcester teapot of small size painted with the Prunus Root pattern 
c. 1758
Workman's mark  Finial original but repaired, chip to cover, colour-filled
Price:  £490   6. ins. W.

WB32.  Worcester potting pot painted with the Mansfield pattern c. 1758
Workman's mark  Cond: Excellent
35565 Price: £480 4.375 ins. D. 

WB38.  Worcester coffee can printed with the Man in Pavilion pattern c. 1759-62
Crescent mark  Cond: Excellent
41877 Price: £245   2.25 ins. H.
WB39. Worcester teapot and cover
of barrel shape, embossed with a Chinese landscape with a man fishing by a willow tree and flowering prunus tree, the reverse with large prunus sprays c.1760
No mark   Cond: chips to spout, minute chip to and inner flange of the pot
43948  Price: £320 4.5 ins. H.

WB28. Worcester  coffee can painted with the Prunus Root pattern c. 1759-64
Crescent mark  Cond: Excellent
43647 Price:  £375  H.  2.375 ins.

WB33.  Worcester dolphin moulded ewer with lamprey handle painted with flowers c. 1768
Crescent mark  Cond: Excellent
40692 Price:  £660   3.75 ins. W.

WB30.  Worcester rare petal edged bowl painted with the Prunus Root pattern c. 1755
Workman's mark  Cond: Excellent
42145  Price: £640
Reserved   4.75 ins. D. 

WB27. Worcester uncommon coffee can painted with the Waiting Chinaman c. 1775
Crescent mark  Cond:  3 foot chips due to kiln adhesion, 2 colour-filled 
43649  Price:  £360  H. 2.375/

WB1. Worcester herringbone moulded jug painted with an inner trailing border c. 1754-56
Workman's mark  Cond: .Excellent
22289  Price: £340.00   H.  3.25 ins

WB25. Worcester fine pair of cornucopia painted with the Cornucopia Prunus pattern  c. 1756
Workman's mark   Condition: Excellent
Price: £1200    H:  8.65 ins.

WB19. Worcester geranium moulded butterboat painted with the Butterboat Mansfiled pattern c. 1758-62
No mark  Condition: Excellent
40083  Price: £220  W: 3.375 ins

WB JC10. Worcester
early sparrowbeak jug with rolled foot painted with the Prunus Root pattern 
c. 1754-56
Condition: Good
Height: 8 cm
Best Price: £950

WB9. Worcester sucrier and cover painted with the Narcissus pattern c. 1770-75 
'W' mark  Condi: good, factory firing cracks to stem of finial
Price:  £650  H: 4.25 ins.

WB10. Worcester fine strap fluted sauceboat painted with the Sinking Boat Fisherman to both sides
 c. 1757-59.
Workman's mark under handle  Cond: Excellent
Price:  £380.00£3  W. 7  ins.

WB11. Worcester fine sauceboat painted with two versions of the Sinking Boat Fisherman pattern the reverse with a man on a bridge c. 1754-56
Workman's mark  Cond: Excellent
41290  £550  W. 6.25  ins.

WB12. Worcester patty pan painted with the Bare Tree and Speared Bird c.1758-59
Workman's mark    Cond:: Slight flake chip on reverse colour-filled
41655  Price: £380  Dia.:  4.75 ins.

Worcester teabowl and saucer printed with Early Flowering Plants unusually with a painted border 
c. 1758-60 
 No mark   Cond: Excellent
39181 Price:  £380   Dia: (saucer):  4.5 ins.

WB14.  Worcester barrel shaped beak jug painted with Early Flowering Plants c.1760-65
Crescent mark    Cond:: good, factory firing flaw under spout 
Price:  £650  H:  2.5 ins. H.

WB15, Worcester mustard spoon, the moulding highlighted in blue, the bowl painted with a flowers and cell border c.1768-70
Prov:  Zorensky Collection
No mark   Condition: 
top of spoon with quality repair Price:  £280 
Price:  £280  Width:  4. ins.

WB16. Worcester barrel shaped beak jug painted with an early and rare variation of the Barrel Jug Scroll pattern c.1757-59 This early barrel jug with moulded scroll appears to be an unrecorded variation.
Workman's mark   Cond: good
Price:  £1250  H:  2.75 ins

Worcester rare sauceboat Moored Boat pattern

WB17. Worcester rare sauceboat of elegant shape painted with the Moored Boat pattern c.1755 
Workman's mark  Cond: Chip glazed at the factory, small flake chip to opposite side.
B35124  Price:  £780
  W:  7.25 ins.

WB20. Worcester coffee cup painted with the Prunus Root  pattern c.1756-59
Workman's mark   Cond: Good
291700Price: £200   H: 2.25 ins.
WBS38.  Worcester very rare saucer painted with the Candle Fence Pavilion pattern c. 1770-75
Crescent mark  Cond: Excellent
Price: £285  5 ins. D.